Buy at 67€ = finance a three full kits of pads for the girls in our programs.


Buy at 49€ = finance a kit and half of pads for the girls in our programs.


Our HAPPIH underwear kits come with three custom panties (2 day and 1 night), all packed neatly into a little pouch. The night panties have a higher absorbtion surface for better protection and comfort during a longer period of time.


Reusable menstrual panties are eco-friendly and healthy alternatives to disposable pads. After use, the panties can be washed, dried and stored like regular underwear. Make sure to dry and store them in a hygienic environment.


Products made in Tunisia. All our structural fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified and include bamboo extracts, cotton and polyeste

HAPPIH 3 menstrual panties kit

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