HAPPIH was founded in 2016 as a non-profit organization with the mission to improve health and hygiene education in Morcco and to provide teenage girls access to necessary menstrual products.

We lead campaigns that are age- and culture-appropriate for Moroccan teenagers, and which are taught in the local language and attended by medical professionals. To date, we have conducted 6 campaigns for more than 1,000 girls, which have received custom, HAPPIH kits with reusable, cloth sanitary pads. 


February 2018

HAPPIH and INSAF distribute 100 additional pads to girls in Morocco and lead an educational workshop.

October 2019

HAPPIH and local partners lead an educational workshop in Tanant, Morocco and distribute more than 300 pads.

November 2019

HAPPIH leads educational workshops and distributes 55 pads to girls in Amerzegane, Morocco.

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December 2017

HAPPIH partners with Moroccan association INSAF and Tunisian Wallah We Can to distribute 400 pads and lead an educational workshop.

June 2019

HAPPIH distributes 50 pads to homeless women in Paris with AMGE Caravan.

October 2019

HAPPIH partners with Fortes to provide 140 pads, health and beauty products for women at Paris City Hall.

November 2019

HAPPIH wins the ALFM award for our work in fighting menstrual precarity.

December 2019

HAPPIH participates in the #7achak movement conference in Casablanca, Morocco.

June 2020

HAPPIH wins €1,000 through the Deloitte Foundation Public Award to coordinate our next campaign in El Haouz, Morocco.

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March 2020

HAPPIH organized a fundraiser in Fes in order to collect money for menstrual health and hygiene programs which impact hundreds of girls in Morocco.



Rita Sekkat

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Co-founder & President


Walid Ben Hamadi

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Co-founder & VP Operations


Moez Rais

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Co-founder & VP Marketing


Mariyem Sqalli

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Program Manager


Cassandra Broadwin

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Community Manager


Maha Naamaoui

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Project Manager - Morocco


Zineb Sekkat

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Communication Advisor

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